Amazing Testimonies

God answered our Prayers

My brother Murthy, who works in the police department was on duty in Thanjavur. During this lockdown period he was suffering with cold and fever, so he went to the Government Hospital for getting himself tested. They suspected him to have the corono virus. During this time, I had requested the NLAG church to pray for my brother. I was also praying with them. God heard the prayer and the test came negative. My brother is alright now. Glory to God.    -Kokila Kasinathan


Divine Healing

For the past 13 months I had an issue of blood. During the healing service conducted on 17th July 2020, as pastor quoted the verses from Matthew 9:20-22, with faith I earnestly prayed to God for a healing. As I was praying God healed me. I thank God for his deliverance and renewed mercy and grace over my life. All glory to God.    -Shama Ravi