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Amazing Testimonies


In my family we had disputes with my brothers regarding a property in Velachery, Chennai. My wife and I frequented many temples and offered poojas to own the property, incurring my brothers’ anger towards me. Few days after this my wife began to be often plagued with headaches and body pain. We consulted several specialists, but their reports revealed that she was perfectly normal.  Though we incurred high medical costs, her problem was not solved.

Seeing her condition, my three children and I often used to weep watching her suffer. During one such time, one of our relatives called Selvi visited us and witnessed our pathetic condition. She comforted us with God’s word, asked us to rely on true God, took us to NLAG Church for prayer and invited us attend the Sunday services there. When I attended the service, I felt peace and quietness and the word spoken by senior pastor soothed my heart, especially the word “Lord break your yoke “.  I felt that God was speaking to me through His servant and accepted the words.

After a pastoral visit and prayer my wife felt that she was free from the persistent headache and body pain. We cleansed our home of idols and I was delivered from alcoholism from that day. We turned to Christ, were baptized, filled with the Holy Spirit and attended service regularly, and our children were saved. Later on, doctors diagnosed a cancer related cyst on my second daughter’s cheek and recommended immediate surgery. However, our loving God heard our prayers and completely healed my daughter from the drastic life-threatening disease. We thank and honor our loving and caring God who saved and healed and equipped us to do the work for His Kingdom.



I was brought up in a Christian orthodox family in a well-disciplined way. My father was very strict and always insisted that I daily read my Bible and pray. However, in my teen years I became a drunkard and compulsive smoker. I turned disobedient and disrespectful towards my parents, acquired wicked friends and becoming involved in all carnal pleasures, gradually withdrew myself from the Lord .

After completing my studies, I was jobless and lost all hope as my friends left me and I felt that without money I wouldn’t be able to enjoy life. I was so lonely that I decided to end my life and collected several sleeping tablets with the intention of consuming them all at once and falling into the river that passes through Saidapet. By God’s grace, a good friend of mine brought me to NLAG church and as I was entering I heard the preacher say, “come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and will give you rest”. After the sermon, during the final prayer, the preacher prophetically declared the following words, “There is a youngster at back side of the crowd who wants to suicide; he is having 31 tablets with him and is seated here behind. Dear friend, Jesus loves you,; you have been made for life and not for death. Today, confess all your sins to Jesus and receive him in your life; surely Jesus will lift you up.”

Immediately, though having doubts, I started to count the sleeping tablets which I had in my pocket and was surprised to find 31 tablets just as the preacher said.  I was deeply convicted and cried to God to forgive my sins. I went up to the altar where the preacher was and accepted Jesus as my savior. I took hold of the Word of God and was later baptized in water.  I then became the recipient of several blessings, one of which was that I was healed of a long standing stomach ache. Another was that I got a Central Government job. I received peace and joy, got married, had opportunity to study church education, lead care cells and be blessed with a baby girl.

I thank and glorify the almighty Lord who made me to be a blessing vessel in His kingdom.