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I was a follower of heathen gods, and strictly orthodox about adoring the heathen gods were taught to revere and honor by our forefathers.
All of a sudden my husband became paralyzed and the doctors diagnosed it as due to a blood clot in the brain. The treatment didn’t produce healing and the agony and sufferings my husband underwent were unimaginable. As medical treatments failed him, we lost all hope and were worried and depressed
One day a prayer group, hearing about our situation, came home and prayed for us. From that day on I noticed changes in my husband’s health. His belly, swollen and painful with constrained urine, started to subside and the urinal flow became free thereafter. As prayer continued, my husband improved in health.  The hope of life started to bloom in our hearts, and finally, the One True God enabled us to overcome our financial crunch which was the result of the huge medical expense.
God strengthened us to face the trials, financial difficulties, sickness and burdens, helping us overcome these with the Word of God spoken through the Senior Pastor in the Sunday services, which delighted us totally.
The church helped us to grow in the knowledge of the ways of God and His plan for our lives. The church educational program helped and equipped us to lead other families who were going through similar circumstances and encourage them with our testimony of hope in Christ.
We now know that our God is not a partial God, that He is the one who gave His Only Begotten son Jesus Christ for the entire humanity as Redeemer, Healer and Friend.  Amen.


P.K.Esther Rajendran.


My mother was admitted into a hospital for ill health, but was declared dead the same evening. The hospital authorities, therefore, asked us to immediately remove the dead body from the hospital premises.
However, faith rose in the hearts of my brother and I and made us call on Jesus and prayed for our mother in His Name. We simply believed in Him and trusted no one but only our God.
Few minutes, we began to see movements in our so called dead mother and her condition became normal. With a great joy, relief and peace, we discharged her from the hospital and took her home. We truly experienced the power of our prayer answering God on that day.
Later I was introduced to NLAG church and for the past 24 years my wife and 3 children have been living under the power and protection of this awesome God.  The church helped us know and grow in the truth and also equipped us to serve Him. The messages preached on Sundays encouraged us to be involved in the Lord’s work and attracted me to study and be ordained as a Pastor in the same church.
I serve my Lord in the area where I stay, and am delighted to say that my whole family is also participating alongside me in the ministry. Our family is leading others to find the One True and Real God and we are constantly being blessed by Him. Hallelujah.


Rev. D. Soundarapandian.