Amazing Testimonies


While travelling by train, I fell from the upper berth when I tried to get down and one side of my body became paralysed. I was taken to the hospital where I came to know that I had suffered a stroke and had to be there for eight days. Though I was discharged from the hospital, I was bedridden for 3 months. My family prayed sincerely with the promises given in the Word of God, and God heard our prayers and made me walk again. I rejoined my work and God graciously granted that my office would bear all my hospital and medical expenses, in addition to giving me salary for the 3 months leave period too.
I was leading a peaceful healthy life, but suddenly, seven years after my hospitalization I had another stroke which left me speechless for 2 days. My condition started deteriorating, I was placed in the ICU and doctors gave up hope of my survival. However, my wife and other church members never gave up hope and prayed for my healing with faith. I started improving and the improvement in my health caused the doctors to shift me out of the ICU. The doctors gave me some medication which could affect my kidneys, but the Lord protected me from any organ damage and brought me out of the hospital. My speech was restored and I was able to walk without the aid of walker. I resumed work again after two months and my office graciously paid my leave salary too.
God has been merciful to me and caused my life to extend so that I could continue to live for him with my family. I thank God and the senior pastor of NLAG church and all the church members who prayed for me.


Sam Babu.

Insulted a pastor but my son became a pastor

I was a gambler, a drunkard and involved in local hooliganism. People feared me and dared approach me because of my evil behavior.
One day, I saw a Christian meeting being held in my area and I opposed it and confronted the Pastor. I stoned that house and dragged that pastor to the police station and handed him over to the authorities. Following this my son who was in Chennai became sick with severe chest pains and was admitted in a hospital
As soon as I heard this, I rushed to the hospital, where I was instructed by the doctors to pay a sum or rupees one lakh, as a surgery had to be done. I was quite helpless at that time as I had no money and so brought him home with me.
Day by day, my son’s condition weakened and I became very mentally disturbed and upset. One day I met the pastor whom I had insulted and being convicted of my conduct, I begged his pardon. I then explained about my son’s condition and asked for his help. He advised me to surrender my life totally to God and then he prayed for me. 
The following Sunday we attended the NLAG church as family and heard the senior pastor of the church declare, during the sermon, the prophetic word, “Your son is healed, go and check up with doctors”. These words impacted me and I took my son next day to the same hospital where he had been admitted and the same doctors did a check up on my son. The doctors were astonished to notice that he had been healed and was normal. I took my son to four other hospitals to confirm the healing and understood the grace of God that had healed him.
My whole family came to Christ and I was delivered from my alcoholism. The Lord blessed and enabled me to buy a property and build a house. My son dedicated his life to Jesus and became a pastor after completing his studies in Bible College and is now serving as an associate pastor in NLAG church
I glorify and thank my God who led me out of darkness into His glorious light!